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How to Design a Contact Page Customers Will Love (And Use!)

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

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The contact page is often the unsung hero of any business website. In terms of design, far more attention is typically given to the homepage and other sub-pages— but this can be a critical mistake. Understanding how to design a contact page that drives action from your ideal customers is essential. After all, your contact page is where visitors come when they’re considering connecting with you.

I frequently encounter website contact pages that aren’t serving the greater marketing goals of the business owners who own them. And when I do, I engage those business owners in a conversation about the importance of strong contact us page design.

This got me thinking— why not share the points I provide to clients during these conversations here, in a blog post?

Today, I’ll be covering my top tips for designing contact pages that generate your desired response.

But first, let’s take a look at what, exactly, makes a contact page so integral to your online success.

Why Your Website Contact Page Matters

  • 44 per cent of total website visitors will leave a business website if there’s no contact info or contact number given. (Source)

  • The mean conversion rate for online contact forms sits at 21.5 per cent. (Which equals a ton of revenue potential!) (Source)

  • More than 67 per cent of site visitors will abandon your form forever if they encounter any complications or find your contact page difficult to navigate. (Source)

  • 46 per cent of marketers believe that contact form layout has a big impact on conversion rates. (Source)

  • 89 per cent of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience on your website. (Source)

How to Design a Contact Page Customers Will Love (And Use!)

Now that you have an idea of just how impactful your contact us page design can be, let’s discuss the steps that can be taken to improve it.

1. Prioritize Scannability

Your website contact page has to be enjoyable to read and interact with. Thus, any content on this page has to be organized and designed in a way that promotes scannability (quick reading and visual comprehension).

This is important because screen reading on a computer is harder on your eyes and is 1/4 slower than reading on paper. You don’t want to make this process more difficult for your visitors.

An experienced and skilled website designer understands how to create a visual hierarchy in their web page layout, using design elements like size, color, contrast, and white space to draw the eye’s attention to particular items and, ultimately, make your contact page more seamless to engage with.

2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that 72 per cent of internet users expect companies to have a mobile-ready website design? Or that 68 per cent of businesses with mobile-first web design report an increase in their sales?

Yet, despite the plethora of evidence that shows how important mobile-first design is, almost half of all websites aren’t optimized for mobile.

Your contact us page design needs to appear correctly on all device types if you want to maximize your conversion rate. It also needs to be easy to navigate, fast to load, and visually engaging. The more accessible and user-friendly your contact page is to all visitors, the more likely they will be to reach out and move further along in your sales funnel.

3. Keep It Intuitive

Your design should account for what your users are going to do before they even do it— and to achieve this, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions, including:

  • What questions might my visitors have when they arrive at my contact page?

  • What hesitations might my visitors have? And how can I remove any potential roadblocks?

  • What expectations will my visitors have by the time they arrive at my contact page? How can I deliver on those expectations?

Ultimately, you want to design a contact page that provides clear next steps to the user and that doesn’t distract them with redundant information or requests. Intuitiveness is all about the user experience you provide to the visitor. If you can make your visitor feel as though your contact page was designed specifically for them, you’re on the right track.

In Need of an Edmonton Website Designer to Create a Contact Page Your Customers Will Love?

I would welcome the opportunity to use my graphic design, marketing, and website experience to provide you with remarkable results. I invite you to learn more about my web design services or view testimonials from previous satisfied clients.

If you’re looking for an Edmonton web design agency that can strike the perfect balance between flair and function when creating your website, I’m confident I’m the right girl for the job. Let’s connect and discuss your options!

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