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Juliana Laface Web Design and Brand Design Logo

Branding & Logo Design

Increased customer loyalty

Decreased customer price sensitivity

More effective communication of company values

Enhanced credibility

Attracting more qualified leads

What are the benefits of branding and logo design?

Empower Your Business with a Bespoke Brand Identity

If you have not yet invested in brand identity design, or you’re not completely satisfied with your current branding, this is an ideal starting point.


This service will provide you with a custom business logo, variations of your logo, company color palette, font selection, and extensive brand guidelines so that you can feel confident using your brand.


Essentially, you’ll receive everything you need to create a consistent, polished, and recognizable brand identity your ideal customers will notice and trust.

Are you ready to hire me as your Edmonton Brand Creator?

What should I consider before booking my branding and logo design?

  • What am I expecting my logo design or new brand identity to accomplish?

  • What elements of my existing branding would I like to keep? Or would a complete rebrand be best? Do I need a new logo? Or do I want to update the one I have?

  • How much can I invest in brand identity design? Do I value quality work enough to budget accordingly?

  • What am I looking for in a brand creator? What working style or approach would best align with my preferences?

  • What is my ideal timeline for this project?

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