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Answers to your questions regarding who I work with, what to expect, and if I'm the right fit for you.

  • Who do I design websites for?
    My website design services aren’t necessarily for everyone. (Let me explain!) As an experienced custom web designer in Edmonton, I’ve had the opportunity to narrow down my target market and gain a clear understanding of which businesses my skills and talent benefit most. This was an extremely important aspect of my entrepreneurial journey, since I’ve always prioritized the quality of my work over the quantity of my projects and wanted to focus on creating strong, long-lasting client relationships. With this in mind, my website design services may be the right fit for you if you’re: Looking for a remarkable result I want to showcase what makes your brand unique and special in an unforgettable way. This means putting together a website that is refined, polished, and custom-styled to meet your every need. My clients understand that excellence is worth investing in and they’re happy to wait a little longer if the final outcome far exceeds their wildest expectations. A brand that values visual appeal Finding a web design agency isn’t hard. But finding a web design agency that has a keen artistic eye and a proven track record for producing exceptionally stunning sites definitely is. If you’re looking for an Edmonton web designer with instinctive creativity and an unrivalled eye for details, I’m your girl. I’m committed to making your website an absolute showstopper. Willing to have a little fun Many of my clients choose to work with me because I am versatile and capable of creating visual elements that represent their unique style. They’re comfortable giving me the creative control required to come up with charming and compelling designs that are in a class of their own. Florists, event planners, photographers, life coaches, interior designers, hair salons, clothing boutiques, coffee shops, bakeries, and medical spas are just a few examples of businesses that align well with my working style.
  • What you can expect from working together
    Transparency We achieve more by working together. When you hire me as your Edmonton website designer, you’re hiring a professional who will value and respect your input. I’ll include you every step of the way and never leave you in the dark regarding the next steps of your project. Commitment As a boutique web design agency owner, I’m able to keep my client roster small and focus on producing the best quality sites for their unique business needs. I pride myself on being a reliable resource for my clients and truly take on their goals as if they were my own. Remarkable Results Web page design should be anything but ordinary. Your new website should leave you feeling inspired and enthusiastic about the future of your business. Not only will your website have flair, but it’ll also have the functionality required to earn a return on your investment. See what past clients are saying →
  • My approach to Branding and Logo Design
    Are you still in the process of developing your brand identity? That’s totally okay! I can help. As a brand creator, I produce modern and memorable visual elements like logos, icons, letterheads, business cards, and more. My approach to offering branding services in Edmonton is identical to the approach I take with web page design— I create custom-styled brand elements that are remarkable by design. It’s the same creative process and the exact same level of dedication. The only difference is the type of design I’ll be producing! Learn more about my branding packages →
  • Why invest in brand identity design?
    There are several benefits associated with developing a strong brand identity, including: Increased brand recognition Enhanced brand loyalty and trust Differentiation from competitors A clear business personality Strengthened industry position View my portfolio →
  • Should I invest in branding and logo design before moving forward with my website project?
    Well, that depends. If you have a basic branding foundation (logo, tagline, etc) that you’re proud of, maybe not. You’d likely be able to complete a website using these key elements and then expand upon your branding later, should you choose to do so. If your existing brand materials are outdated, however, or weren’t professionally produced, I highly encourage investing in brand identity design prior to launching a new website. Without a strong brand identity, your website will fail to have the initial impact you want it to, which would be a lost opportunity. A website relaunch is a great time to attract new customers, strengthen brand reputation and demonstrate your commitment to evolving as a business. Much like you wouldn’t relaunch a restaurant without updating your menu, relaunching a website without fine-tuning your brand could leave potential customers questioning your dedication to your own success. Need more information about branding and logo design? Book a clarity call →
  • Are you available for branding projects?
    Yes! I’d love to connect with you, learn more about your business, and see if we are a good fit for each other.
  • I only need a few marketing pieces, like a logo and business card. Can you help?
    Absolutely. Let’s talk, see what your needs are, and how I can best help you.
  • What website platforms for you design websites on?
    I am a Certified Wix Partner and design most of my websites in Wix on either their regular platform or new Wix Studio platform. However, I also use build on Shopify. It all depends on what you need for your custom website design.

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