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5 Signs It's Time for A New Logo

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Logo Design Edmonton

I work with companies experiencing organizational change. In some cases, a fresh new rebranding campaign is in the works, but the first step to get started does not exist. Plus, the competitors are massively growing while the company I work with is close to giving up on its marketing efforts. What is a business owner supposed to do?

As an Edmonton Graphic Designer, I would like to share common reasons organizations, and small businesses decide to create a new logo. My intention in writing this blog is to help you before you make a decision.

The Importance of a Logo

In my years of experience, the essential part of corporate branding for a company is an effective logo. It is one of the first things that I notice a new or existing customers notices. A logo that positively resonates with customers attracts people in high volumes into your business. In contrast, a logo that offends or complicates the perception of a company’s reputation can result in a loss of revenue.

As an experienced graphic designer in Edmonton, my goal is to help you review your logo branding with these helpful tips.

1. Targeting New Audiences

I have worked with entrepreneurs recognize the power in wanting to connect with a different age group or a diverse group of people because it increases business growth. In this situation, a rebranded logo the new target audience can relate to is the key to success. For example, if the first decade of your business focused on an older customer to realize purchasing power is in the millennial age group. I recommend that you conduct a focus group or survey with a variety of logos to discover a younger audience’s opinion.

2. To Change the Perception of Your Business

The most important point I want to encourage is to understand the culture, age group, race, gender and personal interests of customers. The reason for this is a color, symbol, font or representation of a logo can be offensive to a certain group of people. A perfect example I discovered is in 2016 Premier League received negative feedback from animal lovers with its lion head in the center of the logo. The criticism was it resembled Cecil, the lion murdered in Zimbabwe by a dentist.

3. Under New Management

I am noticing that the reality of a small business owner acquiring a pre-existing business is common in today’s market. In addition to the “Under new management” store opening, the truth is a new logo is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the reputation of a previous owner. A brand new logo is helpful if the community associate’s negative experiences to the business. It is your responsibility to ensure a new experience starts with branding.

4. The Logo Confuses Customers

Another good reason for a new logo is when a business owners’ current logo that is sentimental on a personal level with minimal value to customers. The one thing I learned about business is all about connecting and creating a rapport with customers to create an exceptional experience; turning a buyer into a customer is an entrepreneur’s dream.

If the logo has too many details, colors, symbols or text, I recommend that you contact me to help improve the logo that will resonate with potential customers.

5. The Logo is Outdated

Do you own a decade old business? I believe an outdated business makes sense for certain organizations. For example, a company that sells products from the 1990s can use a logo that is in sync with this period. At the same time, it can be perceived as if the company is lazy or out of touch with reality.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for upgrading your logo design Edmonton, you are in the right place! Work with me to discuss their branding and logo needs. If the logo is outdated, you are branching out to international audiences, you purchased a pre-existing company, or it is time to change your business reputation, it is time to upgrade your logo. Let’s work together to make your rebranding and log dreams come true.

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