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5 things to look for when hiring a Web Designer in Edmonton

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

It’s a brand-new year. Most companies need a fresh new look to an online website. After all, it is the best way to attract new audiences.

My goal in writing this article is to share an unbiased perspective as an Edmonton Web Designer on what to look out for. A new website is an investment that needs to shine bright and stand apart from the competition. Before you decide to hire a web designer, keep this advice in mind.

1. What do they think of your website?

One of the first questions to ask a potential web designer is their feedback on ways to improve your website. Be creative and ask them to write down areas of opportunities and positive remarks. It will determine if he/she took the time to review the site. Expect a response with details and specific recommendations because you need a designer that has the experience to take the site to the next level.

2. Can you make modifications at no cost?

After a website is published, what happens next? Updates on business hours, photos, uploading videos, and other changes will come up. A web designer will request a fee to make updates or revamp areas of a site after the site is officially published. Other designers empower clients by providing log in access to adjust at any time of the day. Here is a list of things to find out about this topic:

  • The cost to adjust the site (I.e., hourly rate, flat rate)

  • Web designers operating hours (I.e., holidays, weekdays, weekends)

3. SEO Achievements

SEO is a science. Only certain web designers have the skill to help sites rank number 1 on search engines. If a designer shares SEO success stories, ask for proof. Request testimonials, Google Analytic reports, examples of sites that rank high on Google, etc. Any web designer can state they are an SEO Guru.

4. Experience in Your Industry

Let’s face it. You need a web designer with at least two years experience working in your industry. It can be freelance, on the job experience or a combination of both. A designer with a specific niche is a walking encyclopedia with a wealth of knowledge. Here is a list of things an experienced designer in your field should possess:

  • Website trends of your competitors

  • Stays tuned to industry news updates

  • Understands the demographics of the target audience

A well-versed web designer in Edmonton is irreplaceable. If you ask the right questions in an interview, it will be easier to choose the right candidate.

5. Content Writing Skills

When most people think of a web designer, HTML and code usually come to mind. When in fact, the ability to write content that turns into website clicks, shares, comments, and phone calls to inquire about services is essential. The designer needs to understand the art and psychology of words that can impact the emotions of your audience. Ask for an online or offline portfolio to ensure the designers' tone of writing can either enhance or matches your corporate branding.

Final Thoughts

The next time you begin a search to enhance your website design as an Edmonton entrepreneur, the prospects need to understand your industry. A portfolio that shines as bright as the sun, proven success in SEO website skills and a breakdown of costs to update the site after publication is essential. Remember to make sure the individual is a master at writing content that impacts website visitors to convert a buyer into a regular customer.

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