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Celebrating A Milestone: Juliana Laface Design Featured on the NASDAQ Billboard in Times Square

In the bustling heart of New York City, the glittering billboards of Times Square have long stood as symbols of success, innovation, and world-class achievement. It is with immense pride that I share Juliana Laface Design’s latest accolade – a shining moment on the NASDAQ billboard, all thanks to our enduring partnership with Wix.

A Decade of Excellence with Wix

When I embarked on my journey as an Edmonton Web Designer, I envisioned creating transformative digital experiences that would inspire and engage. Collaborating with Wix has provided the robust platform and innovative tools essential to manifesting that vision. As a dedicated Wix Expert and Designer, the 10 years of our partnership have been filled with milestones, each one a testament to our shared commitment to excellence.

Recognition at the World’s Crossroads

Receiving an email from Wix commemorating our journey together was touching. But being spotlighted on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square for our decade-long collaboration was an affirmation of the global impact of our designs and innovations. This recognition not only highlights our dedication but also underscores the trust and esteem Wix places in its partners.

Your agency is on the Nasdaq Tower
Hi Juliana,
On the 10 year anniversary of our IPO, we're spotlighting you, one of our most dedicated Wix Partners. Thank you for making so many briefs come true with us -from day one, all the way to Wix Studio.

For Juliana Laface Design, every project is a proud moment – an opportunity to craft bespoke digital solutions that resonate with clients and their audiences. Being an Edmonton-based Wix Designer has its unique challenges and rewards, and this Times Square recognition is certainly a peak in our journey.

Our proudest moment? It's a tapestry of all the websites we’ve brought to life, the clients we’ve empowered, and the transformative designs we’ve crafted, all rooted in our partnership with Wix.

The Journey Continues

From day one, all the way to the unveiling of Wix Studio, our shared journey has been a cascade of creativity and innovation. The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and as we move forward, Juliana Laface Design is committed to staying at the forefront, championing intuitive design and world-class user experiences.

To all our clients, partners, and the Wix team – thank you for believing in us, for pushing us, and for celebrating each milestone with us. Here’s to the next #ProudestWixMoment!

Interested in crafting your own digital story with a Wix Designer who’s recognized globally? Reach out to Juliana Laface Design, your Edmonton Web Designer, and let’s make your vision come alive.

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