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5 Modern Website Design Elements Your Customers Will Love

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

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A professional considers which modern website design elements to incorporate into their project.

Did you know 29 per cent of consumers believe websites are outdated if they haven't been refreshed in the last 6 months? This is why it’s so important to add modern website design elements and fresh content on a regular basis.

If your website appears to be past its prime, your potential customers will wonder why you aren’t investing in such an important marketing asset, and they may seek out competitors who can offer a more contemporary and convenient online shopping experience.

Remember, 38 per cent of people stop engaging with a website when the content or layout is unattractive. Why risk taking that kind of hit to your traffic rates? Adding modern website features to your site is an affordable (and relatively simple) way to remain competitive and continue generating revenue online.

Let’s take a closer look at some popular, easy-to-implement website features that can enhance your user experience and give your site a fresh, modern appearance.

5 Modern Website Design Elements Your Customers Will Love

1. Background Videos

Not only are background videos eye-catching, they are extremely useful in terms of relaying information to your potential customers. They can be used to set the mood or tone of your brand (i.e. a video of rain falling outside a window might be ideal for a company that sells umbrellas), or they can give users a quick glimpse at your product or service in action.

Whatever the purpose of your background video is, one thing is for certain— it will instantly give your website a more forward-thinking, sophisticated vibe. And the best part? Background videos are relatively easy to add to most sites!

Who said modern web design had to be complicated?

2. Vertical Navigation Menus

Some trendy web design elements are more about flair than functionality, but vertical navigation menus offer both of these benefits. They definitely add intrigue to a website, since most sites use more traditional options like hamburger menus or standard horizontal navigation. But even more importantly, they make your navigation easy to scan and they are incredibly responsive, working seamlessly on multiple devices or screen sizes.

If you’re looking to make your site more engaging to users, this is definitely a modern website design element I recommend considering. There are many ways to customize your vertical navigation and give it a snazzy, sophisticated appearance your users will love.

3. Geometric Grids

Web Design Agency Edmonton
The popular cosmetic brand, The Ordinary, utilizes a rectangular column grid on its website to keep products organized and easy to browse.

If you sell multiple products via your website, geometric grids can be insanely beneficial. They add symmetry and structure to the page, making it easier for potential customers to find and further explore products they’re interested in. They can also be used to emphasize specific items, since certain shapes within your geometric grid can be made smaller or bigger. Placing items you want to promote in larger boxes or grid shapes draws the attention of the user and increases the likelihood of conversion.

4. Micro Interactions

Have you ever hovered over a button on a website only to notice it changes color? Or uploaded a file to a site and watched the progress bar tell you how long it would take to finish uploading? These are examples of micro interactions.

Micro interactions are one of the most useful modern website design elements, since they serve an important purpose— to make it easier for a user to use and understand your site. Each micro interaction should align with a single goal, like getting a user to submit their email address, or making it easier for the user to add a product to their online shopping cart.

If you’re interested in modern website features that contribute to a more smooth and streamlined user experience, micro interactions are definitely a great place to start.

5. Card Layouts

Custom Web Design in Edmonton
An example of a card layout from UXPin.

Card layouts are used in website design to break content down into easily digestible chunks. Visually, cards appear to be clean and minimalistic, and the use of shadowing can give them a realistic, 3-dimensional look (as if they are jumping off the page).

One of the most notable examples of card layouts is Trello, the popular project management software. Trello utilizes cards to organize tasks and break them down into more manageable sub-activities.

Card layouts are now so much more than trendy website design elements— they’re widely considered to be an essential part of intuitive UI design. So if you haven’t utilized card layouts, I highly encourage thinking about how you can incorporate them into your website.

How I Can Help

Being familiar with the latest modern website design trends is all part of creating remarkable results for my clients. In our web design agency in Edmonton, I am constantly reading up on industry developments and discovering new ways to make memorable websites.

If you’re looking for a website designer in Edmonton who will come to the table with creative ideas and bold, innovative solutions, I’m confident we’ll be a great match.

Don’t wait until potential customers begin leaving your website. Let’s proactively refresh your website and enhance your user experience by our website design services in Edmonton. Reach out today.

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