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The 4 Most Common Myths About Web Design – Busted!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about web design. As an experienced web designer in Edmonton, I’ve worked with a lot of clients who have had the wrong idea about what, exactly, web design and development is – and I’ve learned a lot about the most common web design myths.

So, in this blog, I’ll be looking at a few of the most common misconceptions and myths about web design – and showing you why each one is false! Let’s get started now.

1. Web Design Is “Set And Forget”

It sure would be nice if you could build a website and just leave it alone, but this is not the case. Even the most well-designed websites need regular updates to ensure proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and require maintenance, patching and infrastructure updates to keep them functioning properly.

Building a website isn’t like publishing a magazine or a printing a pamphlet. The web is dynamic – and if you ignore your website after it’s been built, and never update it, you’re missing out on one of the biggest advantages of having a modern website. In addition, not maintaining or updating your website ensures that it will be outdated in just a few years – and that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on a new website again.

2. Mobile Web Support Isn’t Really That Important

A decade ago, this may have been true. But there is more mobile web traffic than ever. In fact, starting in 2018, more than half of all web traffic came from mobile devices for the first time in history.

You can’t ignore mobile support – you need a website with a responsive design that works on devices of all sizes. If your website doesn’t support mobile, you’re missing out on sales and leads – guaranteed.

3. Anyone Can Build A Website

To an extent, this is true. Building a simple website on WordPress or Wix is fairly easy. However, you’ll find that if you try to build your own website, you’ll run into the limit of your abilities fairly quickly – and have difficulties doing things like customizing your theme, branding your site, and optimizing it for SEO.

Anyone can try to build a house, too – but there’s no guarantee that they’ll build one that’s structurally sound! A website is the same. Sure, you can try to build your own – but your website is one of the most powerful selling tools that your business has. That’s why should invest in a high-quality, professionally-made website – it’s a representation of your brand and services, and it’s often the first thing that customers will see when researching your company.

4. A Great Design Is All You Need To Succeed

This isn’t exactly true. A streamlined, appealing design is important, of course – but so is the user experience (UX). A great website will balance design and usability, and find the perfect middle ground where the usability is great, and the website looks fantastic. This can be difficult to achieve – especially if you’re trying to build your own website – so I recommend leaving it to a professional!

Want To Learn About More Myths And Misconceptions? Contact Me!

Looking for a web design consultant in Edmonton? I’m always here to help. To learn more about my services – and other common myths and misconceptions about web design – please visit my website today, and book an appointment.

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