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6 Common Questions About Logo Design

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

When most people start a new business, creating a logo is not the first thing that comes to mind. When in fact, it can help separate you from a local competitor. As a logo designer in Edmonton, I have seen it all; winning logos and the not so appealing logo.

What is the importance of logo design? Let’s start first with the fact it is an important part of personal or corporate branding. For example, when a person forgets the name of the restaurant franchise McDonald’s if you tell mention the yellow arch logo that looks like the letter M, it is a good giveaway. It is so distinct that the taste of a burger starts to manifest in our taste buds.

Now that I have your attention, the rest of this blog will review popular questions customers ask me about logo design.

Logo Design Edmonton

How Do You Think My Logo Should Look?

It is a very good question. Your logo needs to represent the true essence of what the company represents. Here’s what you can do. Close your eyes and start to think in the mind of the average consumer. What colors are appealing? Should an animal, symbol or shape be the main focus? I am here to help with the inspiration behind the logo, but it is even better if you have a vision in mind. After all, two heads thinking about logo design is better than one.

What Logo Mistakes Should I Avoid?

I appreciate the excitement of an entrepreneur that has a long list of ideas to add in one logo. Enthusiasm is amazing. At the same time, too much detail in a design can be a problem. I recommend sticking to more simplified logos that stand the test of time, versus overly complicated ones. Another mistake to avoid is designing a logo based on personal preferences versus one that targets your specific audience. I usually recommend that individuals keep their target market in mind when designing a logo–you need to ask yourself "Who am I targeting? Are they going to understand this message?" Another thing to avoid is mixing too many fonts as it overwhelms the design, making it disjointed and unprofessional looking.

Should I Resemble a Competitors Logo?

In my years of experience as a graphic designer, copying a competitor tells customers a company lacks creativity or a vision. It is best to be ten steps ahead of competitors. How can you accomplish this? Scan the social media pages of your customers. Pay attention to online reviews of your products and services. Discover the colors that are least likely to be used in the industry. Now is the time to shine so bright that your logo is buzzing on social media.

How Often Should I Change a Logo?

It depends on the number of years you have been in business. I recommend spicing up the logo every 5 to 10 years or if there is a significant change with the company. Here are a few reasons to change a logo:

  • Your audience has changed from Baby Boomers to Millennials

  • You purchased a company owned by an entrepreneur that did not do a good job at managing the store

  • The logo is outdated

  • People are confused about the meaning of a logo

One of the best ways to re-brand is to upgrade your logo. We can chat more about it.

Where Should the Logo Appear?

A logo should be on all marketing materials such as business cards, a website, brochures, am employee uniform or a company car: Billboard advertisements, notepads, and business letters. Use it internally on training materials, employee business cards, and email signatures. Make the most of the logo investment and adding it online and offline is ideal.

Should I Trademark a Logo?

I highly recommend trademarking a logo if you believe your company has strong growth potential. It applies to small, medium and large organizations. Let’s face it. There has never been a time than now when a person’s creativity has been stolen and reused for profits from another business entity. It happens all the time in the music industry and fashion (to name a few).

Logo Design

Do I Need a Logo to Run a Business?

Great question. A logo is not a requirement to run a business. However, it will make your company appear professional, focused and will give the impression the CEO has a vision. The element of creativity means a lot to potential and existing customers.

Final Thoughts

I am passionate about being a graphic designer in Edmonton. I would love to help you take personal or corporate branding to the next level. A logo that turns heads or customers can’t stop talking about is a winner. I am open to hearing more of your questions about this topic. If you are looking for logo design in Edmonton, we can discuss more on the phone or send me an email to get started.

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