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4 Reasons You Should Consider Rebranding

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Rebranding is the process of changing your corporate image – such as your logo, website design, the design of printed collateral, and more.

By choosing a single, consistent brand and applying it across every part of your business, you can enjoy a number of benefits – from better brand perception by the public, to a more consistent internal brand and more motivated employees.

So, when should you consider rebranding? Here are 5 reasons that indicate that it may be time for you to update your brand – and revitalize your corporate image.

1. Your Business Has Changed In A Major Way

As an example, let’s consider a landscaping company that started out offering simple mowing and gardening services – but now offers other services like building patios, retaining walls, and irrigation/sprinkler systems.

A proper rebrand would be the best way to make the new services of the business clear – and set its new services apart from the services that it used to offer in the past.

Whenever your business changes in a major way – whether you’re merging with another company or revamping your products or services – a rebrand can be a helpful way to make these changes clear.

2. You Want To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

If all of your competitors are using similar designs – or have not updated their brand imagery in a long time – rebranding can be a great way to set your company apart. You can make your company look more modern, and outpace the competition.

3. Your Company Name Is Changing

If your company name is changing, it can be confusing if you keep the same logo and branding. When the name of your company changes, this is the best time to rebrand your entire company – you’ll have the chance for a fresh start, and you can make sure that your brand reflects your values and services.

4. Your Brand Materials Are Not Consistent

This is one of the best reasons to invest in a website rebrand. Over the years, as you’ve worked with multiple designers, marketing managers and other personnel, chances are that you’ve had multiple interpretations of your company’s brand. It’s likely that your brand materials and standards are not consistent – and are instead scattered, leading to an unfocused brand.

Bringing in a branding specialist to redo your brand can help with this. Each individual piece of brand material can be changed to meet your new standards, and ensure that your company’s logo and brand is consistent throughout all of its marketing materials, websites, social media profiles, internal training materials and more.

Is Your Company Ready For A Rebrand? Contact Me To Find Out!

If you’re interested in rebranding in Edmonton, but you’re not sure where to start, I can help. As an experienced logo design and branding expert, I can help you learn more about the benefits of a rebrand – and how to get started. Contact me right away for more information!

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