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3 Things An Outdated Logo Says About Your Brand

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

If your logo has not been updated in quite a while, it may be time to invest in a new logo and branding – and I can help! As an experienced Edmonton graphic designer, I have plenty of experience with logo and rebranding. From small to large businesses, I can help companies of every size update their logos.

Not sure that your company really needs a new logo? Here are a few things that having an outdated logo says about your brand – read on, and see why investing in a new logo design is such a great idea.

1. You Don’t Know About Current Design Trends

There’s no shame in this, of course! You’re not a designer, so you should not be expected to know about all of the current design trends.

However, your logo will still reflect this if it is old and outdated. Customers may think that your company hasn’t been keeping up with design trends – and they may wonder if there are other trends that your company has fallen behind on. This can negatively impact the perception of your brand.

2. You’re Not Keeping Up With The Competition

This is another reason that it’s usually a good idea to consider a new logo every few years. If your logo and the overall brand of your company looks outdated, compared to the competition, your customers may choose their company instead of yours.

If you take a look at the logos and branding of some of your competitors and they seem to be quite a bit more sophisticated and modern than your own, it may be time to consider investing in a new logo.

3. Your Company Has Not Changed In Years

This may be completely untrue, of course. In fact, it’s quite common for companies to undergo dramatic changes – and maintain the same logo and branding.

But this is not a good thing. A new logo and a rebrand is a time when you can change how the public perceives your brand. Let’s say you own a hamburger restaurant, and you completely revamp your menu to focus on farm-fresh ingredients, organic produce, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

Instead of just keeping your old logo and design, this is the perfect time to invest in a new logo and rebrand your company. Doing so will help signal the changes to your customers – when they see your new logo and branding, it will be obvious that you have made big changes to your business.

But if you don’t change your logo or branding at all, it may be difficult – if not impossible – for current and prospective customers to find out about how your company has changed.

Avoid The Stigma Of An Old Logo – Consider A Rebranding!

Your logo has a major impact on how your brand is perceived. So if you think that you could benefit from a logo redesign and a rebrand, contact me right away. I can help you learn more, and explain the benefits of a new logo in more detail.

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