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Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, New West Communications
Jason Embry


A friend and I were starting a public relations firm and we found Juliana through Wix. I looked at her previous work and was immediately struck by how sharp it looked. We hired Juliana as soon as we could.


Creating a website was new territory for me, but Juliana made it easy. She gave us a very clear and detailed proposal, she asked a lot of good questions about our business and goals, she was transparent about her timeline and process, and she was extremely responsive to questions and feedback. Importantly, she consistently delivered work well before it was due. And the finished product was exactly what we asked for.


The website Juliana created is beautiful, it’s functional, and it’s exactly what we needed. When we launched our company, we got overwhelmingly positive feedback about how good the site looked. Basically, people asked, “How did you do that?” It helped us have a very successful launch. Juliana has a wonderful eye for design, she’s professional, she’s a great communicator, and she is extremely creative. We are extremely fortunate that we found here, and we will recommend her to anyone who’s ever in a similar spot.


Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, 109th Street Massage
Natalie Schneider


Juliana gave a realistic time line and was always ahead of schedule. I especially appreciated her prompt responses. She offers professional service, makes helpful suggestions, and designs beautifully.


Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Bold Design Inc.
Troy Dashney


For nearly four years we were looking to launch a new website. After interviewing several firms from Vancouver and Edmonton, we were delighted to be introduced to Juliana of Juliana Laface Design.

As a creative interior design firm ourselves, we are poised to be on the lookout for unique ways to express our services to our Clients. For us, a website is more of a first impression and secondly a sales too.


As and interior designer firm, we joked with Juliana that we might be one of her toughest Clients as we had a vision, yet had a strict budget. Our vision started a few years before with a rebrand and our website was lacking.

After seeing her work and proposal, we decided to proceed. Very quickly we found her knowledge and experience to be very informative and enlightening when it came to our wish list. While we know design and have our own perspective on our brand, Juliana was able to translate that onto the website easily within our set budget.


Juliana was very open to discussing any concerns and finding solutions to those concerns. She was readily available to us throughout the process and past the finish line. Nearly 9 months later, when we have any questions, Juliana is still there for us.


Our request of services from Juliana has now expanded past the website into print marketing materials for us. We valued her services so much and the level of professionalism and experience that she brings that we continue to recommend Juliana Laface Design to our Clients.


Thank you Juliana, your experience and creativity shows on our great new website!


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Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Robin Sing CRE
Robin Singh


Juliana is a great designer. Her work is AMAZING! Her website design has positively impacted my business since my site looks way more polished and professional than before. She's worth the investment!


Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Dr. Andrew Schmidt, Groove Dental
Dr. Andrew Schmidt


I loved working with Juliana due to her clear directive and deadline implementation, which kept the project moving along with results. Her design will affect my business in a positive way as we now have a unique and identifiable position within the sector. Don’t hesitate to work with Juliana, she will take the weight of all the decisions that need to be made off your shoulders and carry the project through to the end!

Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Ceclila Boyce, Makeup Artist
Cecilia Boyce


I was looking into getting business cards as a makeup artist. Initially I went into an online printing site where you can design your own, but I was never happy with their templates. At the time I had no idea how I want my business cards to look like, all I know is that I want them to look sleek, classy and professional. Juliana came in with a design that just knocked it out of the park. She knows me personally and when she created the design she kept my style in mind.


The result is this gorgeous business card that totally emulates how I want to brand my business as. She has this rare talent of putting your vision into a design that reflects your personality and your business. Juliana is also very conscious of your budget and she works around that in order to ensure that you're happy with the design and the price. Branding and design is everything and Juliana is an absolute expert in that! I am grateful for her help and I highly recommend her!

Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Monica Desmarais, Yoga Instructor
Monica Desmarais


Juliana is wonderful!  I had a vague idea of what I wanted for my website when I first came to her and she was able to help me create a more clear vision of my brand and what exactly I wanted from my website.  Juliana was so easy to communicate with and was patient with me when I had questions or when I was behind schedule. 


The whole process was extremely organized and I felt very comfortable and confident with what we were working on. My website looks amazing and is perfect for my style and business, I highly recommend working with Juliana!

Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Keith Jensen, Crown Automation
Keith Jensen


I met Juliana by word-of-mouth and found that she was great to work with. She had great ideas and fair pricing. Her process really blew me away. She's organized, super smart, and very talented. My website now presents a much more professional representation of my business.


Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Sushma Dalal, Diaper Cakes & More
Sushma Dalal


I love the fun, adorable logo and beautiful business cards Juliana made for my Diaper Cake business. She incorporated all the ideas I had and designed the perfect card. They turned out better than I envisioned!! Juliana is both professional and trustworthy. Her creative vision is truly bar none and I would highly and happily recommend her services.

Julana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design, Ijeoma Omodu, Jovic Bakery
Ijeoma Omodu


Juliana completed Jovic Bakery logo, website and business cards. In addition to a high quality products and services, she is also professional and provides guidance as you go. I will recommend Juliana to anyone looking for a combo ..professionalism and high quality products and services.