Queens Healthcare & Business Conference
Logo & Website Design

This logo and website was designed for two students running a conference at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. And as the name states, the Queen’s Healthcare and Business Conference (QHBC) is an event that brings both healthcare and business professionals together. Initial logo concepts involved twisting a strand of DNA into the shape of a tie, while other concepts involved more of an organic chemistry bond look. The main problem however, was how to best incorporate both business and healthcare aspects into a logo, which ultimately came down to the very simplified, yet effective logo you see here. 


Both the stethoscope and tie work very well together in this logo, as the two become extensions of one another. Additionally, different shades of blue were chosen as the best indicators of health and business, since other color options explored did not give the same professional and comprehensive look. A sans serif typeface that is sturdy, bold, and young looking, was chosen to complement the curvature of the stethoscope/tie logo and target market of the conference – students!




As for the design of the website, my clients wanted a very bold and attention grabbing site. Large full width images were used at the top of each page, and a parallax was used to give the site unique movement. I also incorporated a video into the background of the site as it added to the “wow factor” that my clients were looking for. Moreover, I studied the sites of other competing conferences at Queen’s, and made sure to design this site to be as sleek and professional looking as could be.


The QHBC website also features the following:


  • Icons are used to help fill areas where the content is sparse

  • Yellow was added as a highlight color

  • The blue tones from the logo are incorporated in the site via the background, text, and other design elements

  • A mailing list pop-up and form at the bottom of each page was added to gain newsletter subscribers

  • An EventBrite application will also be added when it comes time to sell tickets

  • And a mobile version of the site for easy navigation on your phone

  • Grey Instagram Icon
  • Grey Facebook Icon

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Official Wix Expert – Juliana Laface Des
Official Wix Expert – Juliana Laface Des
Official Wix Expert – Juliana Laface Des
Official Wix Expert – Juliana Laface Des