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Monica is one of those clients that you wish for. She was laid back and easy to work with, and exactly what you would expect from a Yoga Instructor.


When Monica came to me she truly had no idea what she wanted in a website. She knew she needed a website, but that was about it. I’m so glad she came to me when she did, because I helped build something beautiful for her.


The start of her new website design actually started with a new logo. Monica didn’t have a logo when we started, nor did she think that she needed one. I explained to her that a logo was going to be the first way that people identified with her online. After filling out my Brand Discovery Questionnaire, I came to realize that what Monica wanted in a brand was for it to be: fresh, simple, natural, organic, and feminine. Based on those adjectives and a Pinterest board filled with visual inspiration, I crafted a soft, delicate, feminine, natural logo mark out of her name. The leaf was added to help reinforce the natural and organic aspects of her brand.


When it came time to design Monica’s website, I was free to do what I thought was best. In this case I found that a one-page“ish” website would accommodate the amount of content that Monica had for her site. I integrated large full-width images with parallax scrolling, quite a bit of white space, and the colors that I had selected for her brand. The main function of her site was to showcase who she is as a yoga instructor, her services, schedule, and a way to book classes with her. All while relating back to the soft, delicate, feminine, and natural aspects of her brand.


Additions to the site include a blog, social media links, and a mobile site design. You can view the live site here.

Monica Desmarais
Logo & Website