LivIt 24/7 Fitness Logo Design | Juliana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design | Edmonton, AB
LIVIT 24/7

The overall concept for this logo is to breathe new life into the LivIt 24/7 brand. It is a bold, bad-ass logo that is meant to get the attention of individuals who are unsatisfied with their fitness routines (or lack there of) and in other areas of their life. LivIt 24/7 focuses on bringing people success, whether it is by getting stronger with working out, or through coaching sessions designed to get people to navigate to their true selves. This logo is designed to reignite the passion and fire within LivIt's existing clients, new clients, and for the LivIt brand itself. The intended audience for this logo is to appeal to both men and women between the ages of 35-55. The boldness of this logo is made to help LivIt's clients stay elevated, passionate, exhilarated, and dedicated to their goals. It is also for the men and women who are, or who want to be, high-achievers and successful in life. 

In order to reignite the passion, excitement, and fire that the current logo lacks, I wanted to go big and bold with the text in the logo. For that reason I differentiated the words “Liv” and “It” by using the red-orange as a pop of color. By doing so, you really get more impact in the brand name. I also chose to go with all caps in the logo, to further emphasize the boldness and fearlessness of the brand. You may be asking, “Why did she add a period at the end?”. I added it to make the name “LivIt” more of a statement. When I look the logo, I see the words and the affirmation to: “LIVE IT. Period”. It is a statement that is being portraying to LivIt's clients. To just live your life. To do life. To kick ass. To be strong and fearless. And to have the confidence to be wildly successful!