Lafaci Eats, Food Blog Design | Juliana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design | Edmonton, AB

Lafaci Eats is a special Instagram account dedicated to my love of food. When designing my logo, I wanted to create a word mark that was refined, upscale, and reflected my taste in food, and photography. A scripted typeface was almost a no-brainer for my word mark, as I felt that anything that was static in shape would not reflect the tone of Lafaci Eats. Therefore, a bubbly, yet sophisticated typeface was chosen, with a nod to both Parisian and Italian aesthetics. Additionally, the logo also needed to stand out in a sea of other logos on Instagram, and for that reason a white logo on a black background was chosen to give the most contrast. 

The blog design was intended to be clean, simple and minimalist. I wanted my site to showcase the beautiful images of food that I take, to give the viewer an uncomplicated experience. The overall tone was to have bright images but to keep the buttons and website header as clean and simple as could be, which was why a dark grey/black was chosen.

Lafaci Eats