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Jovic Bakery
Custom Logo & Website


Jovic Bakery’s logo was designed to target families in the West end of Edmonton and showcase the quality baked goods made by them. It was designed to evoke a trustworthy bakery, one that can be depended on to provide high-end products to families, individuals, and organizations. Drawing a bit of inspiration from clean logo design, I crafted this logo to be open, friendly, and inviting. 


The font choice for the logo is visually open looking because I wanted to instil quality, trust, and convenience into the logo. For this, I selected a more traditional font with the use of serifs, rather than a modern sans serif font. The font choice for this logo is a modern take on a traditional serif font. Since Jovic Bakery focuses on European and North American baking, it only made sense that I select a font that represents the traditional type of baking they do. 

To reiterate the idea of Jovic bakery being a quality bakery, I chose to design the logo with a modern take on the traditional. While the font used in the name is a combination of the two, the word “bakery” is set in a more traditional emblem that resembles more historic signage. The addition of the wheat stalk at the top helps to further reinforce the aspect of the bakery, and pulls together the elements of traditional and modern design. 

The Jovic Bakery logo and brand was designed to address a specific demographic and inspire consumers to come to them for quality baked goods. When you view this logo, you should see a trustworthy bakery. One that takes pride in providing for its family of customers. One that is always there for you. One that takes care of you. But also, one that is open and inviting. Jovic bakery is a fresh take on a traditional approach to baking. It’s passionate about providing for you, which is why it’s at your service, always.

You can take a look at the Jovic Bakery website here.