Jewelry Logo Design | Juliana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design | Edmonton, AB

I love when I have clients who are easy to design for, in this case the client being my mother. My mother loves flowers and she loves the color purple, so I wanted to design business cards that reflected her personal style and taste. These business cards really came to life when I found this pretty flower pattern – I knew right away that this would be something that my mother would love.


With the pattern chosen, I decided to design a modern and clean business card that was feminine and classy. Since there was limited contact information for the card, I chose to flood the back of the business card with the flower pattern, solely because it was such a beautiful pattern that really made the business cards stand out. For the front of the business cards I wanted to keep a little bit of the flower theme in the front, so touches of the flowers were added to the corners, which also helps to draw the eye in to the centre of the card, on the business name.


As for the choice in typography, first renditions of this business card had me using the scripted typeface for the word “Ixata”, but I found that there just was not enough distinction between the letters. I decided to go with a tall, elegant, yet modern typeface instead, and contrasted that against the beautiful curvature of the script used for “Jewelry Design”. A simple, clean, and readable font was then used for the contact information, which was coloured in purple to help tie in the three different typefaces, and to help with consistency and balance of the overall business cards.


The bottom line – my mother was ecstatic and could not wait to get these printed!

Ixata Jewelry Design