Groove Dental Logo Design | Juliana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design | Edmonton, AB
Groove Dental


The concept for Groove Dental was to design a sophisticated logo that is both modern and vintage. It is designed to meet the target audience of educated, intellectual individuals and families living in the Glenora Community in Edmonton, AB.

Creative Considerations

With the goal of creating strong brand recognition, a very specific type choice was imperative to the design of this logo. I chose a tall, thin, condensed, yet bold font for the brand, one that is rounded and elegant. It truly represents the sophisticated, modern, vintage feel that Groove Dental is looking for.

The strength of the logo comes from a combination of a modern vintage font, paired with a contemporary font for the “Dental Co.”. I added the “Co.” to the brand to help reinforce the vintage feel, as it is reflective of traditional industrial logos of the past. It also allows the brand to grow as Groove Dental expands. Think of it as “The Groove Dental Company”– it denotes a sense of history within the dental industry and instils a certain level of confidence in clients. The elegant font choice is also slightly tracked out, meaning there is more space between each letter, thus reinforcing the overall polish (no pun intended) of the logo, and representing clean straight teeth.

The concept for Groove Dental's stationary was to juxtapose the refined and simple logo with a traditional vintage approach. The layout in the business cards sets the information in boxes and is reflective of old medical documents and forms. The pattern was inspired by vintage medical drawings and was created using sketched tooth and dental drawings. The end result is a fun and eye-catching design that would make for great printed stationary!

Overall, Groove Dental's logo is designed to be reflective of my client and their specific business objectives. It is a short, simple, visually appealing logo, that is both high-end and comfortable. The great thing about it is that it really is unique and unlike any dental offices in Edmonton. It is derived from from my client's past and truly sets them apart from the rest!