Logo Design Edmonton
Diaper Cakes & More


When selecting a font to design this logo, I wanted to pick something that was fun, creative, elegant, unique and worthy. I chose this fun girly script font because I felt that it represented my clients target market the best. When you are in the business of making diaper cakes, it is expected that your cakes will be fun and creative, as they are gifts for soon-to-be moms and newborn babies. The main goal for the design of these cards was for people to think: “This lady makes awesome, fun, creative, adorable diaper cakes for babies!”. With that in mind, a soft colour palette was chosen to denote my clients favourite colour but also the gentleness and softness that comes with babies. 


A custom, illustrated, tiered, diaper cake, that is as fun and unique as the cakes that my client makes, adorn these cards. Each tier is askew and has a different pattern on it to denote the different things that are put into her cakes. It is also topped of with a pacifier as a cake topper–it screams “babies” to my clients target market (no pun intended).


The overall look was intended to show my clients end consumer that she makes whimsical and playful cakes for babies, but that isn’t all that she does, hence the elegant “More” in her logo. This new brand is all about showing potential clients that she makes quality, functional, helpful, stylish, one-of-a-kind diaper cakes, and that she is a one-stop-shop and the centrepiece for baby showers!