Brand Design | Juliana Laface Graphic Design & Web Design | Edmonton, AB
Blackjack Coffee Co.

Blackjack Coffee Co. is a conceptual branding piece. I wanted to develop a vintage, polished, and eye-catching logo and brand that corresponded the frequency of new and unique coffee shops that pop up in Edmonton. The tagline for Blackjack Coffee Co., “Odds are you’ll need another hit”, is a playful nod to the blackjack card game, which is reflected further in the playing card business cards that I developed. However, I did not want the brand to be based solely on the game, as I find that it could make it gimmicky. This is why I have taken care to make sure that minimal tasteful elements of the theme are carried throughout the branding pieces. This brand also includes an alternate logo, which is the logotype, and two versions of the submark, in black and in white.