Acura of Red Deer Website

This was a complete redesign of the existing Acura of Red Deer website. My goal with this site was to emulate the sleek look of Acura vehicles into a modern and sexy (yes, sexy!) design. 


Functionality of the design was to give viewers the information they needed most, right away. This being the ability to navigate the site in a way that was intuitive and easy to understand. On the left there is a floating menu that moves with you, as you move down the page. Here you will find a Special Features section, Search function, the dealership location and contact information. Furthermore, below the slider the site also directs you to a few more things that most people who visit a car dealership site might be looking for, such as a new Acura, Pre-Owned vehicles and the ability to book a service online.


Next, the homepage takes you to the latest Pre-Owned specials and gives you the option to briefly look though Acura of Red Deer's inventory. There is also the option to watch a few videos, read about the dealership, and finally, the reasons to buy from Acura of Red Deer.


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